Dear Participants,

We started holding Congress for Student Nursing in 2002. This year tenth Congress of Nursing students will be held in our town on 28 to 30 April 2011. We would like to thank everyone who contributed in the previous nine congresses . We have identified the congress theme in the title of Nursing-Change: Education, Health Care / Care, Globalization, Population, Migration and (urbanization, women, children, violence, cultural) change.

We would like to give priority to diversity and change in this Congress since Faculty of Health Sciences increase in the number. We cannot remain outside of the changes which occur in our country with our professional service delivery and training. The results of which revealed, we will work together to create a common view especially with our foreign guests and participants from our country (east to west, north to South) in this congress.

With a nice sedan wishes in Southeast ‘s beautiful charming town

Wish to see you all in Gaziantep/Turkey


Organisation Committee